We Are Rivers Edge

Based out of Saskatoon, SK, River’s Edge is a country rock band that delivers an upbeat high energy show. Their ability to play classic country, and rock as well as pack a dance floor with their fiddle tunes, makes them fun to listen to and easy to dance to.

Darryl Anderson


Darryl Anderson is the lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player for the band. Darryl’s a high energy vocalist, who’s love for singing classics as well as new country favorites, will have you out on the dance floor and singing along. Originally from Big River, SK. He now makes Saskatoon, SK home.

Fred Corrigal


Fred Corrigal is the lead guitar/fiddle player, and back up vocalist. Fred’s influence growing up range from old country classics to modern rock. When he’s not rockin his guitar, Fred has also been known to fill the dance floor with his rockin fiddle. Beauval, SK is where he grew up, and now lives outside of Saskatoon,SK.

Pat Linklater Jr.


Pat Linklater Jr. Is the bass/guitar player for River’s Edge. His influences include everything from country, blues, gospel, and rock. He’s a high energy, fun spirited bassist that applies these traits to his playing. Originally from Ontario, he now makes Saskatoon, SK home.

Che "CC" McGhee


Che "CC" McGhee Is the drummer for River’s Edge. His influences include everything that is blues. He currently lives in Saskatoon, SK.

Chad Burnouf
Chad Burnouf is the sound guy/roadie/photographer for the band. You can usually find Chad helping out the band on stage, snapping photos or behind the mixing board. He is originally from Beauval but now lives outside of Saskatoon. 


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