Saskatoon based Rivers Edge delivers an upbeat high energy show. Their ability to play country, classic rock, oldies as well as blues packs the dance floor every time and makes them a great act to play your special event, bar, wedding, corporate gig or backyard party.

Lead Vocals / Rhythm guitar

BIRTHPLACE: Big River, Saskatchewan

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything cooked well. "I'm not fussy"

GUITAR SETUP: Taylor custom guitars - " My Taylor mini is my baby but i have two customs that he made just for little ol' me"

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Chris Stapleton, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Travis Tritt. 

HOBBIES / FUN FACTS: Darryl loves spending time with his two kids and writing new music.   

WHATS ON HIS RADIO DIAL: Satellite, 98.3 Cruz or 92.9 the Bull

Bass Guitar

BIRTHPLACE: Moose Factory, ON, Pat and his family moved to Saskatchewan in 1985 where he has been ever since.

FAVORITE FOODS: Lasagna and Pizza (but no pineapples.....EVER!)

GUITAR SETUP: Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Everything that's country, blues, gospel, and / or rock.  Pat is a fun spirited person that reflects when he gets on stage each night.

HOBBIES / FUN FACTS: Spends most of his time with his 5 kids and 3 grandkids 


Lead guitarist / backup vocalist


FAVORITE FOODS: Steak and Chinese Food

GUITAR SETUP: Fender Telecaster with a Red Knob Fender Amp; and a BOSS G8 pedal board

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Cam's influence comes from his upbringing in a family full of incredible musicians. His skills as a lead guitarist rival all those on the Sask music scene. He really LOVES Blues music

HOBBIES / FUN FACTS:  Cam loves camping and fishing, sports of all kinds and gaming.  Raised in Saskatoon he calls it home now with his wife,  three kids, a dog and two f**king cats LOL.


BIRTHPLACE: Born and raised in Saskatoon, Q has drummed in previous acts such as HUGE, the Furleys and Branded Honey.

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything Mexican and Asian, the Spicier the better! 

DRUM SETUP: Yamaha Custom Stage 4-piece with all EVANS drumheads. Sabian and Zildijian Cymbals. AHEAD Aluminum 5A sticks

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Q's influences include literally everything: country / rock / metal / classical / grunge / blues and alternative. 

HOBBIES / FUN FACTS: Quinn played in the CFL for five years!   When he's not on stage you can find him at the gym or spending time with his wife, Kirsten.

WHATS ON HIS RADIO DIAL?: Sirius XM Channels 34, 25, 84